by Simon Lane
In Twist, the third
novel in Simon Lane’s
acclaimed “Paris
Trilogy,” Seamus, alias
Twist, is on the
Eurostar train from
Paris to London to see
his twin brother for a
birthday lunch...
Talking Trash to Power
by Susie Day
New York City Book Launch
7 p.m.
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
172 Allen Street
New York, New York 10002
by Chath pierSath
After is a book of
letters in the form of
poems that
poignantly describes
the author's life and
experiences as a child
before, during and
after the Khmer
The Real Illusion
by Simon Lane
Illustrations by Tunga
The Real Illusion is an
anthology of twenty-one
stories spanning nearly
three decades. Simon
Lane’s writing offers a
journey of the mind,
reflecting the peripatetic
nature of the author’s
life, or lives...
Gregory Crane:
by Gregory A. Crane
The artwork in Gregory
Crane, Drawings 1979
– 2009 consists of a
selective representation
of drawings by Gregory
Crane that span three
decades of the artist’s
Copyright © 2014, Abingdon Square Publishing Ltd.
Windows Into War
(a mother’s lament)
by Deborah Gross-
Windows Into War is a
book of poems and
paintings about war from
a mother’s point of
Roz Jacobs
and Process
by Roz Jacobs
Vibrant paintings of
daylight and
landscapes, figures,
and still lifes
captivate the eye
and spirit in the
first publication of
Roz Jacobs’ work...
Nicholas Nevius
by Leigh Barnes
A gift to children all
ages, especially those
dealing with loss.
Nicholas Nevius and
his best pal Jude are
two curious,
boys who secretly love
to be scared...
Young Readers Ages 8+

This Body Mystery
by Chath pierSath
This Body Mystery is a
work of twenty-three
paintings and poems
written in the voices of
those who were affected
by the AIDS epidemic in
Cambodia.  It's also a
book of poems about the
historical past, the
impoverished and
voiceless, the trauma...
The Rain Parade
Words & Images by
Julia Blaukopf
The Rain Parade 
tells the story of
photographer, Julia
Blaukopf when, in
2006, she traveled to
Ghana to work with
Women in Progress,
an organ-ization that
em-powers women...  
Finding Kalman
by Roz Jacobs &
Anna Huberman Jacobs
“I felt like my feet
were burning,” Anna
Huberman Jacobs
says, describing the
day in 1945 that she
went back to her home
in Wloclawek, Poland.
Anna had survived life
in the Warsaw ghetto,
escape, imprisonment
at a Nazi labor camp,
and near starvation...
Snidelines: Talking Trash to Power TO BE RELEASED NOV. 10 2014
by Susie Day
Afterword by Dan Berger
Illustrations by Maria Pia Marrella
Poppin’ Fresh declares martial law—Che Guevara loses his good looks
throws the entire U.S. Left into disarray—Zombie terrorist anchor babies
invade the Pentagon. You’ll read all this and more in Snidelines:
Talking Trash to Power
, a startling collection of personal essays and
political satire that offers a perverse moral clarity to an increasingly
amoral world....
The Cambodian
by Valentina DuBasky
The Cambodian
Journal traces a
woman artist’s journey
of discovery in
Cambodia among
survivors of the Khmer
Rouge genocide that
claimed over a million
and a half lives...
Summer on
the Hill
by Philp Zuchman
Summer on the Hill 
is the first book
devoted exclusively to
paintings by Philip
Zuchman. The book’s
37 paintings, as well
as sketches and
quotes from his
notebook, were part
of what he
accomplished during
a two month stay on
Patten Hill in