Nicholas Nevius
by Leigh Barnes
illustrated by Valentina DuBasky
Nicholas Nevius and his best pal Jude are two curious, adventure-seeking boys who secretly love to be scared. One sunny afternoon, Nicholas the free-spirit and Jude the serious- minded, set out on a quest to explore a foreboding, mysterious place atop a distant, mist-shrouded hill.
They find what at first seems an astonishingly ominous place: a creaking, old cemetery... for pets!  But as the boys explore the humorous headstones that tell the tale of each pet, the sadness over the loss of such beloved animals is gradually dispelled. They grow to love this magical resting place.
With enjoyably rhyming, vocabulary-stretching text, and gorgeously colorful illustrations that underscore an imaginative wit and delight in whimsy, NICHOLAS NEVIUS is full of entertaining surprises. A gift to children of all ages, especially those dealing with loss. For YOUNG READERS Ages 8+
Formats: Hardcover
56 pages
Publication Date: March 2011
Language: English
Book Dimensions:HC 10 x 8 x 0.3 inches
Shipping Weight: HC 4.6 ounces
ISBN-13: HC 978-0-9823480-6-2
Price: Hardcover $24.95    US Dollars